How to Add Content to Your Website

How you can add new content to your own website.

You can do it yourself

When we set up your website we added a secret back end that allows you to post new content (called a Post) to your own website at any time you wish. This is how you do it.

What you will need

You will need to know three things:
• the url (or web address) of the secret access or login page
• your special username
• your secret password.

Each of these were sent to you previously.

Find your Login link


Your login link was sent to you previously, but you may also find a link to it at the very bottom of your website as shown above. (The bottom of your website will look different. )

Once you find it, clicking the Login link will take you to your login access page.

Login into your website


When you click on the login link you will be taken to the welcome page, where you can use your (1) username and (2) password to (3) Login.

(4) Click this link if you have forgotten your password and a new password will be sent to your registered email address.

Forgotten password


Enter your username or e-mail address in the form and you will receive a new password via email.

You will see your Dashboard when you login


Exactly what you see will depend on how we have set up your site, but your dashboard will look something like this.

(1) The Right Now section gives a summary of your whole website, including how many Posts (articles) you have already added, and more.

(2) If any other blogs have added a link to your website it will show up here. (Incoming links are good for your ranking in the search engines, but can be difficult to achieve. Talk to us if you would like us to work on this for you.)

(3) If you previously saved some content (a post) as a Draft rather than publishing it for everyone to see, it will be listed here so you can continue working on it.

(4) QuickPress allows you to add a short post easily from this form on the Dashboard. However, it does not include any editing tools, so you will usually use the Add Post link.

Click on the Posts link


This will display a list of all the posts you have already entered, along with various details about them.

Click on the Add New link


This will display a form where you can add a new post.

Adding your content


(1) Type a Title or Headline for your post.

(2) Add in your article or information.

(3) Tick each Category that relates to this article. (You can tick more than one if appropriate.)

You can also (4) Preview your article, (5) Save it as a Draft to continue working on later

(6) Finally, click Publish to save it and make it live.

Format your article


This is the simple Visual editor. If you click the button shown, more editing options will appear.

The Visual editor


Use the visual editor to format your article. Select the text you wish to format and click the button to make it bold, italic, a bullet list etc.

If you hold your mouse over each button you will see details of what that button does.

If you wish to see or use html code you can click on the HTML tab as shown. (You probably will not want to do this unless you are comfortable with html coding.)

The HTML coding view


If you find your article contains code markup, you need to click on the Visual editor tab to return to Visual editing mode.

Adding audio-visual media


Each editor has a built-in system for uploading and inserting images, videos and audio into your post.

Delayed publishing


One of the most useful functions of the system we have set up for you is that you can enter an article now, and set it up to publish later.

The default setting is to publish immediately. However if you click the Edit button shown above you will see more options.

Set your publication date and time


Select the month, day, year (and time) for publication of this article and click OK. The date you select can be in the past, present or future.

(Please note that the time setting may reflect the timezone where your hosting server is located, rather than your local time. )

You will still need to Publish the article when you are satisfied everything is ready. However you will not be able to see it on your website until the date you chose when it will appear automatically without you doing anything else.

This is a great feature if you want to set up a Special once a month offer or post a message each week.

It’s also easy to Delete any posts you don’t want


(1) Select each post you no longer want by clicking on the checkbox.

(2) Select Delete under Bulk Actions and click Apply to delete every post that you have selected.

Please take care as deleting posts can not be undone. You may prefer to change their status to Draft.

Changing a post’s status


Select Edit under Bulk Actions and click Apply to open a range of options which can be applied to all the posts that you have selected.

Edit your selected posts


Change the status of all your selected posts to Draft and click Update Posts.

Your selected posts will no longer be visible to visitors to your website, but they will be available for you to edit them at a later stage if you wish. This is safer than deleting them if you may want to publish them at a later stage.


It’s all very easy, really. So have a go. It’s your website!

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